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Property Management Online Training Course

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Want to learn how to automate the Property Management process?

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Your Property Trainer

Hi! My name is Roxana and I will be your property trainer for this course.

I am a former teacher qualified in the UK. I got my first estate agent job in 2013 when I realised that I had a passion for teaching and learning about homes. 

I founded Eutopian Lettings Academy with the purpose to learn and teach about property management.

Eutopian Lettings Academy is the only place where you learn about current property laws but also practical advices about dealing with tenants and other  management issues. 

What people say

I The 6 Weeks Property Management Course was a very useful and enjoyable series which I was able to watch during breakfast each morning. I used to spend so much money on management fees. After I discovered that my agent was doubling my contractor bill, I decided to do my own property management. My biggest fear was that I would get myself in trouble because I wasn't sure about how to do the paperwork and calculate my taxes. After taking the 6 Weeks Property Management Course, I am now able to do everything myself and I spend less time and money than before. thank you!
Helen Crowford
I really enjoyed the quiz at the end of each video and the fact that the course is easy to navigate. I wish it had more content and I think is great that we were asked about which content we wanted to be added to the main course.
Julia Enulo
The course is great. Is not too long and I learned some very great automation tools. My favourite tool is the invoice and rent collection software which was free and easy to learn.
Anny Jane

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This course will teach you how to put in place systems that will automate most of the property management process.

When purchasing discourse you will have lifetime access to it.

If you’re not based in the UK some of the resources may not apply to you by the overall system would still work when implemented in any other country.

The only issue you have in that case is the viewings because after that the management process can be automated but you will have to find a way to either do the viewings yourself or get someone else to do them for you.

If you already have a Tenant in your properties you will find in this course how to deal with the tenant issues that might arise during the tenancy and what to do when the agreement is about to expire.

The course also contains a section about evictions and other tenant issues.


You can go over the content of the course whenever is convenient for you. That is the beauty of online courses. One to purchase the course you will have access to all the sections and quizzes.

You can join our free Facebook group where you can find support from other landlords.

Yes there is a 30 day money back guarantee after taking the course if you haven’t found it useful. This means you have to take  the entire course before asking for a refund.