Room in HMO Tenancy Agreement (AST) - Eutopian Lettings

Room in HMO Tenancy Agreement (AST)


  • Legally binding and smartly phrased
  • Thoroughly¬† and clearly covering all aspects involved in a tenancy agreement
  • Easy to customise and adjust the rates
  • Covers aspects as cost of inventory, cost of agreement and penalties of late payments
  • Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

This HMO Tenancy Agreement (AST) is a very well structured legal agreement. The document clearly highlights the tenant responsibilities with regard to his room and who is in charge of repair and maintenance for which area of the house. The document clearly stats the penalties involved if the rent is paid after the due date and the charges at the end of the tenancy. A landlord or agent can download and use this agreement with the rates stated but it is also easily customisable and adjustable.

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