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5-Day Property Management Free Course

Why take this

Knowing your property management laws and your rights as a landlord can keep you out of trouble and save you a lot of money when dealing with tenants. If your tenancy was not done lawfully, it might result in not being able to evict a tenant if needed.

What people say

The 5-day course was a very useful and enjoyable series which I was able to watch during breakfast each morning. I used to ask my tenants to print the tenancy agreement and sign all pages and then scan all pages and send them back. After taking this mini course, I am now a pro at signing agreements online for free.
Anthony M
I really enjoyed the quiz at the end of each video and the fact that the course is easy to navigate. I wish it had more content and I think is great that we were asked about which content we wanted to be added to the main course.
Julia E


Will I get any documents with the course?

When taking the  property management free course you will get a free tenancy agreement and reference letter templates to send to the former landlord and current employer and you’ll also get a guide about electric certificates.

What do I need to do in exchange for this free course?

We don’t expect anything in return however it would be nice if you could leave a review and some feedback.

How can I learn more about Property Management?

After completing this property management course you will be given the opportunity to purchase more in-depth property management courses of 6 weeks at discounted prices.

How can I make the most out of the course?

You can make the most of the free Property Management course by completing it entirely and then going over the quiz and practising signing agreements on your own.

is there a pass mark for the course?

No, 5-day Property Management course contains a few questions after each section to help you grasp everything smoother but it does not track your score.

how long will I have access to this course

This  course is available to you for an unlimited about of time.