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At Eutopian Lettings we love creating personalised training courses, online tools and all the documents you need as a landlords. Our goal is to make property management as simple as possible for you so you can save time and money again. 

On our website you will be able to find a full range of services, online tools, mobile apps and training courses specifically designed to landlords who wish to learn about property management.

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The 5-day course was a very useful and enjoyable series which I was able to watch during breakfast each morning. I used to ask my tenants to print the tenancy agreement and sign all pages and then scan all pages and send them back. After taking this mini course, I am now a pro at signing agreements online for free.
Anthony M
I really enjoyed the quiz at the end of each video and the fact that the course is easy to navigate. I wish it had more content and I think is great that we were asked about which content we wanted to be added to the main course.
Julia E

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